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The Football Republic

Brand Identity


The Football Republic


Graphic Design



Sep 2018

The Football Republic were acquired by The Social Chain Group, and promptly it was evident that their branding needed a stark refresh.

A variety of distinct options were put forward, with this being the successful route. The colour way was drastically different to what they were known for originally, however we felt that it represented both football, and the 'republic' aspect of the brand in a much stronger way. This identity was then used primarily across their digital portfolio.

The first route here was developed closely to their existing branding, mainly due to it featuring the teal colour and a circular ‘TFR’ icon for their social profiles.

The second route here was my personal favourite, and featured a gold flag-bearing lion at the core of the brand – symbolism both synonymous with 'Football' (particularly in the UK) and 'Republic'. However they felt this was a little too premium for their offering at this time.

The final, and chosen route was this set of designs. We decided on a contrasting red and blue colour scheme as they create a theme familiar with football fans. They were used in a high impact tone as we felt this, along with the star motif, represented the 'Republic' aspect of the brand well.

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